Growing Jobs and the Economy

I understand and value the connection between Michigan’s businesses, job creation, and a thriving community. By maintaining our state's prevailing wage law we can provide workers a fair wage and help build a stronger community and economy, however we also need to support our small businesses because they are the economic engines of our future. By working collaboratively, we can increase economic development, expand educational opportunities, increase support for skilled trades training programs, create jobs, and help our businesses grow and succeed.

Safer Roads and Infrastructure

We need to further invest in our roads and bridges if we want to have a first-class transportation infrastructure system in Michigan. Better roads drives up tourism dollars, lowers vehicle repair costs, ensures goods get from farms to stores to homes, increases public safety, creates jobs, and maintains a more vibrant community and state. We need corporations to pay their fair share and more support for public transit and other modes of transportation to alleviate congestion, improve public health, and reduce wear and tear on our aging roadways and infrastructure.

Investing in our Kids

As a former teacher, I understand that funding for education is crucial to our student’s and Michigan’s future, and I know we need to better support teachers because they are educating our next workforce and community leaders. In order to have a quality education, we need to improve our education policies and invest in public schools to ensure that our students get the best education possible. We need to stop funding for-profit charter schools that are failing to educate our students, and we need to hold accountable all schools that receive public funds and that includes cyber schools.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

In Michigan, we are blessed with the Great Lakes and an abundance of waterways, forests, and natural beauty. It’s our duty to protect and maintain the environment on a global scale, and within our great state to ensure our natural resources stay pristine for future generations to enjoy. We need to strengthen our protections for clean water and air, and toughen penalties for corporate polluters. I will continue to work hard to ensure that environmental concerns are heard and that we adequately invest in our natural resources.